Enlightened Sid!!

I am uncertain about the ‘better’ choice between Rahul Gandhi &  Narendra Modi but I am certain about one thing, by the time elections are over my political lexicon shall be ‘better’.  Right to Reject, Rule 49-0, Ordinances, Democratic values, Articles XYZ of the constitution – the political jamboree has thrown so much my way in the past few days, that I am really feeling ’ enlightened’.  I shall not enlighten you on any of these words as The Secret– the book which I am currently reading – has enlightened me that the reason only few people are successful is that they know the Secret and keep it so J

I am satisfied with the mere fact that the intellects and the shot callers are showering encomium on the RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan.  Being a ‘Patriotic’, I was pleased to see the arrest of plummeting rupee but later I realized that my bank account is still plummeting at the same rate.  Truly enlightened!

The CL – T20, is the only thing which has failed to enlighten me in the past week. Ultimately, is there anything beyond perfection?? And till the time I get the Right to enjoy my Fundamental Rights I have assumed one Fundamental Right (like the other Indian middle class creatures) ‘To enlighten the already enlightened souls on the issues pertaining to cricket’.  I think Sachin will score that elusive century and silence his critics & Toss will play a crucial role because of the Dew Factor.


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