Indian Platter – I

I am grateful to the one who has coined the word ‘Platter’.  Whenever I have mindful of incoherent thoughts this word comes to my rescue.  Henceforth, all my commentary as a culture vulture will be posted under the name ‘Indian Platter’.  And being true to the borrowed character of the Indian culture, this platter will have some exotic servings too.

The flavour of the week is Comeback.

Yuvraj Singh

One of the most widely used and sometimes abused term (perhaps next only to ‘champion’) in the world of sports is Comeback.  Rafael Nadal’s re rise to the world number 1 in Tennis and Yuvraj Singh’s return to the Indian cricket team just illustrates the two usages. In the midst of all the noise about the greatest Tennis man – Federer or Nadal or Djokovic we often do miss the humility of the three giants. I hope that the trinity continues to unconditionally delight us with their extra ordinary talent. And then does it matter who is on the top? For Yuvraj, it is not his maiden comeback but it might well turn out to be his last. I hope this time justice is meted to the flair and not to the flamboyance.

Talking about the justice, Laloo’s judgement and subsequent imprisonment is something which has to be the best dish on the platter.  Sadist as I am, I welcome any breaking news about the misery of our elected leaders.  The saying “Not only must Justice be done; it must also be seen to be done” has been so substantiated in Laloo’s case that my sadistic pleasure has multiplied.  What a comeback Justice!!

Sanjay Dutt’s temporary comeback to the free world substantiates another saying “Mind over Matter & Money over ALL”. Did anyone know about the entitlement given to convicts, under which they can be granted leave once a year, provided jail authorities feel so. Comeback Favouritism!! Just a trivia – This entitlement is called as Furlough and not Parole.

With Telangana acting as a fodder, the fasting season is back too 🙂  Name it- political stunt, ideological difference, economic necessity or any other euphemism,  I lack the intellect to comment on such issues.  However, I believe that the formation of newer states in the past decade has resulted in widened disparity despite the development.

Now my self –obsession is itching. How can I not talk about my comeback, a comeback to the world of writing.  Unlike the other comebacks this one is permanent  🙂



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