Tribute to God

When I was a school kid, there was only one reason to play cricket. Like for millions of my age it was to bat at number 4 and to emulate Sachin Tendulkar.  He was my first and the ultimate hero.  I started dreaming because of Sachin. A typical day in my backyard – I use to be alone, hold my bat (actually the one used for washing clothes), would think of an opposition, place the fielders mentally and start imitating Sachin. It was my first fantasy and act of creativity.  The long queue and waits in the banks & bill payment windows of 90’s would have been terrible had Sachin not played the cricket. He was an eternal subject of arguments and the only common connect among the otherwise dull and gloomy spirits of those days.  At all such public debates I uninhibitedly shared my views. He was the subject and object of my initial public speaking. Till the time he was batting I never turned off the Television even in the utter hopeless situations. To me he is the symbol of infinite hope.

Test Retirement

Besides the delight in cricket, I believe he has contributed to the life a common man in innumerable ways !!!


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