Indian Platter – 2

Respect towards other can emanate due to multiple reasons. And while reading about the work of the Nobel Prize winners of 2013, I discovered a completely new reason – abstruseness of the subject matter. After devoting a good amount of time, the only common link I can find between ‘God Particle’ and ‘God’ is that both the subjects are inexplicable and demand unconditional respect. So here I pay mine.

Malala YusufzaiA 16 year boy came and for the next 24 years inspired generations of Indian to excel. I have already paid my tribute (refer my last article Tribute to God) to the only living God – Sachin. To be crisp he is epitome of human brilliance & hence deserves all the reverence. Across the border there is another 16 year old who is inspiring thousands of people to contribute to the goal of universal child education & to stand again injustice. If that is not enough the fearless Malala Yousafzai has given Barack Obama a lesson on how to impact world in a better way – education and not war. Surely she might have missed the Nobel Prize but then did she qualify the criterion of being abstruse 🙂

chairperson of the SBIBeing a lesser intellect I always get attracted towards people with intellect (the English word for such people is Sapiosexual). Was Arundhati Roy in news?? Definitely not! But then the name Arundhati which was in news reminded me of her. Talking about the newsmaker Arundhati Bhattacharya, her elevation as SBI’s first woman head further establishes the trend of woman rising to the helm in the banking sector. The troubled financial sector presents leaders of HSBC, ICICI, Axis, JP Morgan, RBS, Bank of India and now SBI a glorious opportunity to rebuild and to dispense those paranoid and age old myths on the gender abilities.

Accused for RapeFor their age, two contrasting figures come to my mind. Both in their own way have defied the common belief & I am tempted to classify them as myth- breakers. Superhuman Amitabh Bachchan and Superguru Asaram Bapu. Both now in their 70’s, if Amitabh is acclaimed for amazing us with his extraordinary energy level and desire to work, Asaram is accused for the same 🙂  What an artist, Amitabh, Respect !! And if accusations turn out be true then what a sham, Asaram!!

However, the most commendable job this week has been done by the various government agencies by being proactive against the rage of the cyclone ‘Phailin’.  Heartening to see the efforts being put in for disaster management. Even if this proactiveness is due to coming elections, lakhs of lives have been saved. Respect to all the government agencies!!!

A trivia – Do you know how names are assigned to cyclones? Eight countries of the Indian Ocean region have given a set of names which is sequentially assigned to cyclones. The name Phailin for the current cyclone has been given by Thailand. The name of the last cyclone in Indian Ocean was contributed by Sri Lanka.  The Indian names in the queue are Leher & Megh.

P.S Did I miss anything? Have suggestions? Comments are most welcome!



  1. The trivia about how cyclones get their names was interesting. I think everybody wonders about the names, and who assigns them, we rarely take the trouble to look it up. This post was suggested to me, after I finished uploading a post about The God of Small Things. I enjoyed your article, but I was also surprised because you only mention her once.

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