Blog 07: Indian Platter 4 – Flavor Bonanza

It is an auspicious wind and it is blowing bonanza to everyone.

The Big Fat Hindu festival season is back. And with it back is the season of shopping and some more shopping.  Suddenly, the Indianflipkart economy seems back on track with the sensex spiralling to breach that 21K benchmark & the rupee logging its two month high. Perhaps it is the grace of Goddess Lakshmi on the economy,   as neither I have reduced the consumption of petrol and nor my rich relatives have reduced their craving for gold. But being an Indian, in good times I conveniently choose the end result over the reason as I do the other way in bad times.  Hence, I am planning to re log to Flipkart for further shopping.  Have you not shopped yet? There is bonanza waiting online, be patriotic – shop and make the season obese. If not for self then for the economy; do your bit. (A trivia: E-tailing is the term used for online retailing. Flipkart, ebay, Jabong are few examples. As per reports size of e-tailing market in India is $1billion. which will grow to $56 billion in next 10 years)

Unnao gold treasure huntAfter Asaram and Ramadev there is another Sadhu who is making the news.   Thanks to him, ASI (Archaeological survey of India) has found a reason to be in the news.  And some obscure place Unnao too.  As the excavation work for the ever eluding gold is in progress the government must be thanking their luck and praying for some more.  Thanking because the 24*7 news channels have found something else to report than the inefficiencies of the governance. Praying because a dream of capturing the famous temple’s gold to rescue the then struggling economy has already been shattered.  I hope that if found, the gold be put to the best use.  Or else that omnipresent omnipotent weed ‘corruption’ is waiting to gobble another bonanza.

The ghost of Coalgate ((not toothpaste ;-)) is back again to haunt the Prime minister.  And this time along with the PM it is casting the shadow on the powerful business baron, Kumar Manglam Birla too.  I lack the ability to question the merits on which the coal mines bonanza has been allocated or perhaps misappropriated. But we often complain about the politicians never been punished for the alleged wrongs, what about big business houses who I believe, actually govern the policy of any country, be it USA or India.

Focusing on the world of cricket, the players of India and Australia have found run bonanza in the play ground.  The cocky Virat Kohli has again foddered the debate of being the best young talent around.  What an imperious display of stroke play that inning was!!  The bonanza had its victims too, Ishant Sharma certainly is one. The lanky bowler has been so magnanimous that he has plucked a match from Dhoni’s pocket and gifted it to the Australian team.  Talking about the Australian team, it is evident that their former greats have discovered a bonanza to increase the sales of their autobiographies – talk about The God Sachin. After Gilchrist accused him on lacking the sportsman spirit it is now Ponting who has accused him of not being fair during the hearing of almost forgotten ‘Monkeygate’ episode.  Look who is teaching 🙂 Let me tell you, My Indian blood says ‘Sachin can do no wrong’.  And another thing, I will continue to write about The God till his 200th Test, hasn’t he been blessing us with the sporting bonanza and media with the news bonanza for 24 years.

The Ratangarh Temple in MP is the only place perhaps where auspicious wind did not blow. The stampede establishes one fact- natural disasters (rage of phailin) are easier to avoid than the man- made, especially borne by rumours and mismanagement.  Condolence to all the victims. Although, the emotional loss is irreplaceable, May Goddess Lakshmi bless the families of victim with bonanza.

P.S.  The opening line “It is an auspicious………”  has been inspired from a write up of The Guardian. I have changed the negative tone to positive.


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