Blog 08: Reality Sucks

In this piece of experimental writing, I have tried to introduce the scope for interpretation. I have used adjectives and analogies to describe movies and so you might have to recall a few stories –mostly of movies and one childhood – to understand the argument.

“What kind of movie you suggested to watch?” read the text message I received from one of my close relative.  The context was movie ‘Lunch Box’.

Now, this post is not particularly about my relative or Lunch Box. Also, it is not about devaluing or valuing any particular genre of movie. As to me Andaz Apna Apna is as delectable as Gangajaal & Maine Pyar Kiya as irresistible as Main Azaad Hoon (Have not you heard the name?).  And Black, as repulsive after one watch (Am I the first to say that the king is naked :)) as Dabangg.  Bollywood - Reality SucksIt is a no-brainer that arts and hence cinema is a form of expression and hence it is perfectly meaningful to have a place for all the genres – the discovered and to be discovered.  Equally no-brainer is the fact that in any form of arts and hence cinema we are in search of that ‘super’, be it happiness, optimism or heroism.  And if a movie has none of these, it is conveniently classified as an ‘off beat’.  But what certainly is a brainer, at least to me, is the extent to which we hate to see the reality or neutrality in a movie.  The super clairvoyant though unrealistic Rani Mukherjee of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was more acceptable than the fickle minded though realistic Abhay Deol of Socha Naa Thaa.

And the super jingoism of Gadar fetched more eyeballs than the neutrality of Chakravyooh.   Definitely there should be place for Kuch Kuchs and Gadars in one’s movie library.  But, Is Life Fair? Then why to expect fairness in movies. We expect, so much so that the director of an otherwise decent movie Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa felt compelled to end the movie on a fair though unrealistic note, just to keep audience happy.  Not only do we expect fairness we also expect all the movies to be absolute in message. Is life absolute? Then why the vagueness in Sadma is indigestible.

Cannot unfairness and vagueness amount to entertainment, which we seek in cinema?  And does not unfairness and vagueness make Mahabharata what it is – A timeless classic!!



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