Blog 09 – Indian Platter – Flavor Ishtyle

If all you can do is a bad thing, well at least do it with style says the book Master of Stupidity. I thought I am the only die – hard executor of the saying (You just have to read my blogs 🙂 ).  But considering the acts of our politician, I am sure I will not even qualify as ishtylish. Indian Politics was never short of drama but this election has given it a fair dose of melodrama too.  And now I am spoiled for the choices.  No, the choice for the ultimate melodramatist is not difficult.  Shahzaada aka Yuvraj aka Rahul Gandhi has given us so many acts that the only arguable part now is choosing the first among the equal one. Be it the emotional outburst about the assassination of his ancestors or the confident but callous burst about the ISI and Bihar riots link, all I can unarguably say is that he, just like Krishh 3, is still in the awe of the Bollywood ishtyle of  90’s :).

Boss_ Akshay And look what the latest bollywood ishtyle has given us. BOSS!! After Once upon…., Boss solidifies Akshay’s position as the leading actor in doing bad things in a style.  Is Salmaan listening??  In complete contrast to Boss there is valiant Shahid. And after Lunch Box…. Shahid solidifies my belief that there are few who can do good thing and that too not only in style but with panache!! Did you hear that across the border someone paid back to bollywood and that too in Sunny Pra’s desi ishtyle?? Well, ‘Waar’ – claimed to be the Pakistan’s first big budget movie is fiery and rhetoric (as per the news report) and the message which movie gives is Victory of Good over Evil (as per the director of the movie). If that does not amaze you then just listen to this – Pakistan plays good in it 🙂  And if even that does not sound hilarious then how about this –Pakistan, the originator of ball tempering in Cricket falls victim to it, when a South African cricketer, Faf du Plessis (that is so unbollywood name) paid them back and that too in Munna Bhai ishtyle.

Test RetirementThere is The God who always does things and whatever he does; we will find style in it. And so has media done for Sachin’s visit to Wankhede Stadium, where he went to ensure the smooth stay for her mother’s maiden appearance as a spectator during his final test next month.  Smooth her stay be & with her blessings may Sachin score the final century.  Meanwhile as predicted last week, Goddess Lakshmi has blown full blessings on the Indian Market.  As predicted, the festive shopping has helped stock market breached 21k mark.  May Goddess Lakshmi bless the ever soaring onion prices too, else be ready to gobble cabbage & radish this Diwali.

And then there is another category, Manmohan Singh himself – Do nothing but with a style.  He is the only leader who has escaped having his communication tapped in US spying scandal.  And how? By doing nothing – do not keep mobile phones; do not keep emails-ids. Now, that is some real ishtyle!! Or wait, is this escape because of the fact that he rarely communicates?? Communication reminds me- Did you share your BBM Pin?

In which category should I put unavoidable forces, which do all sort of things?  For the third consecutive week natural forces have played havoc.  Cyclone, stampede and now flood.  I think I have to live with such occurrences, pray for the victims & hope that I never become victim of any. I know it is now becoming my habit to end my write up in a true unbollywood ishtyle – being sombre, but then ask Manna Dey (Singer of Zindagi Kaisi Hai Paheli) he would suggest that every end has to be sombre. RIP Manna Dey.



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