Blog 10 -‘ Woh Maara Papad Wale Ko’ – Long Live Indian Comics

Krishh, the Indian super hero is back. And with him back is the memory of my childhood comic super heroes – Super Commando Dhruv, Nagraj & Doga. I promise, in one of my future write up, I will set up a conversation between Super Commando Dhruv & Krishh (that will be my magnum opus 🙂 ), just to pay tribute to my best childhood super hero. But for now I will only talk about Indian Comics – an almost fading art.

Just to illustrate my point, the size of comics industry in India is estimated to be Rs 300 cr., ONLY.  If I am not wrong, has not a single stupid movie Chennai Express matched that figure?  And I will only be surprised if Krrish 3, despite looking lame and stale, do not match 1/3 rd of that size. Such have been our preferences. And so before the obituary is written by the industry (I wish it never happens) let me pay me gratitude to the fascinating world of comics.

Super Commando DhruvaOn a personal front Comics introduced me to the world of books.  Daily dose of two comics was something which built my reading appetite.   Comics also helped me being eclectic while reading. The two comics were usually from two different categories a) Non violent but witty Chacha Chaudhry, Pinky , Biloo, Bankelal category – my sister’s preference b) Violent but heroic  Dhruv, Nagraj, Doga category – my preference. Needless to say, my sister and I devoured both the categories with equal ease.

What race it was to collect the highest number of stickers of these super characters!! What bliss it was to wait for the upcoming digest (special issue) after reading its teaser at the back of a comic!!  And what fun it was to use those one- liners Woh maara Papad wale ko, Jab Saboo ko Gussa ata hai to door kahi jwala mukhi phat ta hai among the friends !! Are not these one- liners more creative and funny than “Hum sab Ke andar Krishh Hai”??

Untitled-1Comics along with games like Pitool, Race teep (Hide & Seek you may call it) were my favourite act of indulgence during the summer vacation (Writing really permits me to be as crude as I am, without pretending to be somebody 🙂 ). Those games are already dead.   Yes, the ever evolving technology may have given a fresh breath to comics industry, but I am still searching for that childhood among today’s children which prompts conversation on Chacha Chodhury and Dhruw, Bankelal and Nagaraj.   The art has somehow survived but it has very few patrons left.

I am not the one to crib that Gone are the days.  Somewhere I have re discovered that child inside me; I have placed an online order for few comics.  My sister is married now and I miss her for a companion. My childhood friends are as lost to me as I am to them (Look what social networking has done L).  But thankfully I have a daughter who goes to play school and what a delight it would be to narrate comic stories to her.  I hope that I do justice to both – comics & my daughter’s learning.



  1. I was reminded of the bi-weekly comics I had delivered to my home as a kid. The advantage of comics over movies/tv is that books let you imagine, and you need your brains to function. Movies are ready-to-digest fares that don’t require you to think or engage your faculties. That’s a disadvantage for kids. Besides, watching movies like krish and ra one requires a deliberate shutting down of the brain. Otherwise, you likely to break out in boils over the BS on display.

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