Blog 11 – Indian Platter – Flavor ‘Happiness’

Accept it or not, Diwali brings with it an assortment of feelings.  Some fulfilled wants & some unquenched desires. Some good time to be spent with loved ones & some obligations to be met in the name of custom.  Take a call, Happy or not to be. I have decided to be.  But I am wondering who would be the happiest person this Diwali??

Happy DiwaliBeing a common Indian I am obsessed with The God & his super power.  More than 3 years back, when some atheist were doubting his super power, SRT confounded them by scoring a double century in one day – an act never done before but since then repeated twice.  For the Gods numbers are surely not important. I am sure they believe in setting new benchmarks for the mortals. Stretching those abilities which no one thought existed. And would not SRT be happy to see how he has inspired youngsters to aspire for the new heights??  Is not that the reason we always remember the first who reaches a milestone??

I will not take credit away from the happy looking Rohit Sharma who is the latest entry in the ODI double hundred club.  Rohit’s clean hitting powered by the timing of the ball reminds one of the Sourav Ganguly in his hey days.  But the biggest debate among cricket enthusiast is – Who is the next God?? They have seen (or conjured) glimpse of SRT in Virat Kohli.  Immature thought, but as I said earlier that a common Indian is too obsessed with the idea of God & super power and cannot live without one a single day.

Virat KohliTalking about super power, how can I not talk about Hritik Roshan.  And how happy he would be!! For all the bashing his movie has received, Hritik stands out as a real super hero.  He may not be a naturally gifted actor but he more than compensates for it by his sculpted screen presence. He is a phenomenon that way. He is undoubtedly bollywood’s reply to the super heros of the world.

As the elections close by you can expect the unexpected, so be it if it is hypothetical.

The birth anniversary of the Iron Man has given the intellects of the country a new if & but condition to ponder upon.  Thanks to Narendra Modi and then to media, the youth of the country at least came to know about the great administrator and negotiator that Sardar Patel was.  India as a country stands united because of such leaders. But had he been a better PM than Pt. Nehru is just like speculating had Buddha been a better charioteer for Arjun than Krishna (That is some more fodder for the thoughtful)? Considering the wide disparity & diversity of India & that very few intellects of the world gave Indian democracy a chance of survival beyond 5 years of independence, where we stand today is testimony to Nehru’s statesmanship.  Look at the state of Pakistan to understand my point.  So rather than hypothesising, let us happily cherish the fruits borne by the labour of our great leaders.

P. Chidambaram should thank the people of the nation for their timely intervention to restore the economy. We have devoured goods worth Rs. 2 lakh crore this Diwali. Lack of gold supply did not leave investors with much choice but the stock market which has soared to new heights.  Suddenly we are made to believe that economy is shaping well.  It may well be a serendipitous discovery so beware about your happiness!!

Though, I am not about my happiness.  It is all going good for me – my evolution as a mentor and teacher continues, my students are showing promise for a great result, I have read few good books, I have re discovered a child inside me & my daughter is showing signs to match my ability in every sense including obstinacy 🙂 While I am writing this and discovering happiness inside the self, I hope Goddess Lakshmi is taking care of my modest bank balance.   I wish that this time my infatuation with happiness is more lasting, hopefully a lifetime affair.



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