Indian Platter – Sach is the Mix

536960_585559511509136_653159546_n“Sach is the God” read the caption of a photograph in a daily newspaper after Sachin scored the first ODI double hundred.   Apt it was, as it did define the only living anthropomorphic God & also revered him.  For all the Godliness of Sachin which inspires us, the most significant is that elusive mix of modesty and excellence.  Tragedy it is, but now that mix can only be relished one more time.  And the enormity of the arriving moment has begun to strike us as entire nation is caught in Sach Sach frenzy.   But will not be it better if we allow the God to focus on his game??   We have entire lifetime to shower our love on him but he has this last chance to bless us. Let him do that and pray for a century at least. He deserves the last Hurrah!!

There is another revered entity named Sach, Goldman Sachs – world’s most prolific investment banking company. In a recent report Goldman Sachs has upgraded the outlook on Indian economy on the likelihood of Modi becoming the next PM.  The report also relates current optimism in the stock market to that possibility.  Congress is performing its duty by slamming the report. But one thing not to forget is that the corporate and the business community thrive because of the better foresight than others.  Remember, the “courtesy meeting” of Anil Ambani with Sonia Gandhi, a day before 2004 general assembly elections were declared (Majority of the exit polls and political experts then predicted that BJP led NDA will be back power , the prediction turned out to be false).

Whether the Goldman Sachs prediction turns out to be Sach (true) is debatable but what certainly is not debatable is the tremendous proactiveness which election commission (EC) is showing for the upcoming state assembly elections.  If not for election rallies no one could tell that the state of C.G. is going for voting in few days.  The ubiquitous election drama are conspicuous by the absence with EC strictly monitoring that no candidate spends more than the ceiling amount of Rs. 16 lakhs on election campaigning.   Accolades, EC!! And accolades to political parties – BJP & Congress for yet another stale but goodie full of election manifesto.  The intent is usual & promise remains same – to bridge the disparity. That ever eluding intent and promise 😦 Actually the elections are rarely a choice between the true and false but this time it is a mix as the choice is between the devil and the deep blue sea. In a way we have to select the lesser false of the two parties.

With the launch of spacecraft to mars India is in position to become the first Asian country to reach Mars. But the more remarkable point is that India could achieve that at a cost 10 times lesser than US.  But then every Indian is born with that elusive mix – being frugal and innovative at once (I am using innovation to address the revered scientists else for the commoner the address would be Jugaad).

Tarla Dalal too exemplifies that mix.  Thanks to her books and recipes, the art of culinary is now a household phenomenon.  My wife an excellent cook herself and an ardent Tarla Dalal fan tells me that unlike the recipes of other celebrated chefs Tarla Dalal’s recipes are so simple that even I can cook them (She is so confident about my abilities :-)).  And this time just to pay my tribute to those countless Dalal’s recipes which I have savoured, I have decided to test my wife’s confidence about me.   That will be true homage to the Queen of Indian recipes. I suggest all who have never cooked anything in life except Maggie to do it. And that effort would be sach a mix of genuineness and novicity.


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