Indian Platter – Yeh Dil Maange More

yeh dil maange moreWithout God, democracy may or may not run but without him democrazy (People + Crazy) will certainly run hysteric. Testimony to it is the emotions of those for whom meaning of cricket was limited to Sachin.  Enough has been said and written about Sachin & his retirement but then, when it comes to The God ‘Yeh Dil Maange More’.  And Union of India has tried to satiate that desire once and for always.  Sachin has many first to his name, here is another – he, to my mind, is the first celebrated hero who has been paid the timely tribute of Bharat Ratna.  A commoner like me is unaware about those heroes who relentlessly work on some esoteric but important field; Prof. CNR Rao is one such hero.  I am too lazy to take the pains and learn about him and his contribution. So here I join the general hysteria & congratulate him on being identified as Bharat Ratna. And I would also like to congratulate him on resonating feelings of the democrazy and calling the politicians as “idiots”.  No this vent of kind words is not for choosing him as Bharat Ratna but for giving the scientist community “too little” 🙂

Special mention to this category is a must.  Their mind works day and night. Bashing is their favourite pastime, and their Dil alwaysAngela Markel crave for more of it. They have their unique set of postulates to rate people. And so their clamour about Sachin’s eligibility to receive Bharat Ratna comes as no surprise. Cynics they are, and they have raised questions on Sachin, about his societal contribution, about number of matches won by him, about his statistical average not being the best (Statistically, Salman Khan would be the best actor in Bollywood ), about Dhyanchand and Anand being more apt candidates and off course about that evergreen politically motivated move.  Unsurprisingly again, there is not much clamour on Prof. Rao, which suggests that either cynics are also lazy or they too find the subject esoteric.  Also, did they notice that Angela Merkel has been awarded the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development? Indira Gandhi and Peace!!, Oxymoron.

 Talking about cynicism, how can we not talk about Tehelka and Tarun Tejpal? Tehelka has stood out as a magazine which showcased the brighter part of being cynical.  Tarun Tejpal and Aniruddh Bahal (the duo had teamed up to expose Operation West End & Match Fixing) are the journalists whom I have always admired for their courage and originality. But this time Mr. Tejpal’s courage during the conclave Think has caused a ‘bad lapse in judgement’ and instigated him to Act. An act sufficient to classify him as a hypocrite.  And in his support stands a self assumed intellect and cynic Javed Akhtar who has called Tarun Tejpal man of impeccable values and guts (Are Rahul Bose, Javed Akhtar & Anupam Kher face of the Bollywood intelligence?)

Narayan saiYeh Dil Maange More, Act and hypocrisy – who comes to your mind?  Dirty Mind it is. The godman Asaram and his son Narayan 🙂 Needless to write more on their desires.  But the big question is, if proven guilty shall the hypocrites sentenced to harsher punishment?  Yes. Our law says equal shall be treated as equals.  But for me, the moment people place trust in someone and then adulates him (be it a sportsman or a journalist or a spiritual leader) that someone becomes especial and unequal. Then that someone symbolises the faith of the fans and followers and when that faith is breached, unequal punishment should be awarded.  I know my arguments are bit emotional, but then I am one among the democrazy.

And democracy has shown strong emotions in the unparalleled participation of the voters in recently held state elections in C.G.  The people of C.G. shall be congratulated on utilising the most and perhaps the only potent weapon of democracy with us – Right to Vote.  Is it a sign of changing times? I will like to believe so.  And let me again say cheers to the Election Commission on the smooth conduct of the elections, the stringer challenges for them lies ahead though.  Your Dil may not want it more, but as the election approaches, expect more pot shots and tiffs. Bored by Namo vs. Congress rows, the latest tiff between Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal is at least refreshing for the commoner.

Being Indian, we have special liking for celebrations and our Dil always wants more of it.  Our secular roots give us opportunity to celebrate each festival.  And what is our way of celebration – late rise from the bed, a calorie rich brunch, and congratulation messages over social media, some afternoon rest followed by a late bath and then late evening indulgence in food and drink.   More such days await us and also waiting is the entire big fat Indian wedding season. Let us once again enter that vicious cycle of putting on some fats and then joining yoga classes and gym to lose it. It is time to spend.

Be Desirous (Not the Tejpal & the Godman way), Be Unsatiated!!



  1. Truly the ignorance towards the scientific field and other “hidden” talents of country is truly something to be ashamed of. And ah!! “Indira Gandhi and peace!!”… and yup people are getting “ready” for the wedding season approaching very soon!! Unequal punishment for “unequal” people is definitely desirable!! But sir, I don’t know whether it’s my inability to grasp it or something else but I really couldn’t connect the last para from rest of the article.

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