Flair and Lovely

Flair & LovelyAfter Yeh Dil Maange More, it is Flair & Lovely. Do not misunderstand these titles for my fascination towards brands and taglines; actually it is my limitation as an uncreative creature which renders me clueless about the titles before each serving of the Indian Platter.  Why to reinvent the wheel, when people are driving BMWs and Audis. Yes, I am an engineer and I posses the only common talent among the engineers – creative copywriting (Do you know any engineer who possesses any other quality than this?).  Isn’t that a lovely flair!! For choosing the titles I am applying that flair to the fullest.

arushi_talwar_1305_970692567There are other professionals though, who possess flair for more than the lovely acts.  After the spiritual guru and the journalist the latest to join the club of accused molesters is the supposed custodian of the judiciary – Former SC Judge Ashok Ganguly.  In all the three cases, the defendants are the one who were in dominating position and are alleged to take unfair advantage of it.  Either way the judgement goes; one thing is re-substantiated, that human beings could be bestial. If defendant is wrong it is a bestial misuse of power and if the plaintiff is wrong it is a bestial misuse of the brain in framing the case.  However, life is not always black and white and Arushi Talwar’s judgement highlights the greyer facet of life.  So much so, that the basic premise of innocent until proof of guilt is beyond the reasonable doubt seems rebutted and judiciary seems faltered.  Now the question looming is, what does our nation aspires for ‘a quick and fast judiciary at the expense few innocents punished’ or ‘a slow but effective judiciary at the expense of some culprits going unpunished’? I am not trying to answer if Talwar’s are innocent but I am questioning the validity of argument which qualifies them as culprits.  Unfair and Unlovely.

Moving to the sports, the flair was at full play when the mercurial Pakistani team defeated SA in the recently concluded cricket tri-series. Pakistan has always been like that talented but moody kid.  Only they can afford to lose a test match to Zimbabwe and win against SA in span of a month. Now, some Indian cricket pundits are drawing analogy, that if Pakistan can defeat SA, India can also do that in the upcoming series. Did they miss that Pakistan won because they have a very good bowling attack?  And our bowlers play for our batsman. They want to give Rohit, Shikhar and Virat ample opportunities to score runs and the trio has flair not to disappoint us.  Thankfully, India has no Taliban like hardliners; else they would have warned me for praising Pakistan.  Trivia: Taliban says that Pakistani media should not praise SRT no matter how good he is because he is an Indian, On the other hand Misbah –ul –haq should be praised no matter how bad he is because he is a Pakistani.

But we have our own brand of hardliners, and one of them has lot of flair too. Narendra Modi for all his blabber on history & economics (read his comments on Chadragupta Maurya and Alexendar and on P. Chidambaram’s bookish knowledge) still is the hope of corporate.  After Goldman Sachs, another brokerage firm Nomura predicted Namo to be the next prime minister of India.  Another Trivia: The Economic Times published results of a poll of 100 Indian corporate leaders – 74 of them wanted Modi to be the next prime-minister, compared to 7 who preferred Rahul Gandhi (I am sure one of these 7 would be Robert Vadera but who are the other 6 🙂 ) Personally, I too believe that we need a head strong leader like Narendra Modi who can act decisive. And yes, many believe him to be a risk to our secular nature but by that argument the communal fabric should have been washed out after congress came into power after the Sikh Riots of 1984. In fact in that regard our constitution has stood the test of the time. A fair & lovely constitution!! 26th November just passed by and do you know the importance of the date in the history of India? No, it is not limited to that grotesque night of 26/11.

Singh_Sahab_the_Great_Theatrical_posterIn the bollywood ghost of Sunny Pra is back in Singh Saab the Great. I know you have not watched it, neither have I. Sunny’s transition from an adorable angry young man of Arjun (A must watch movie) to a repulsive angry old man is painful, almost excruciating.  But in his transition apart from his anger he has successfully preserved another flair – dancing.  We Indians have inherited flair for Baraati Dance especially that step which calls for jerkier hand, shoulder & pelvic movement. We classify people whose these 3 parts flexibly moves in unison as good dancers and others as energetic dancers. And then there is third category- Sunny Deol !!

When it comes to flair, is there any match to the Mother Nature? Comet Ison, the comet of the century, dies and then recuperates back to life. Astrophysicist are puzzled and so what do you expect from an engineer like me who has the flair for always being a second. Creative Copywriting 🙂 Cheers to this lovely flair.


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