I am a Narcissist :)


I am a teacher. I have done my MBA from one of the premier B- schools of India and since past 4 years I am tutoring students through my coaching institute.  I am enjoying my life and my notion of enjoyment comes from few beliefs, which I am putting forth:

Be materialistic: I desire and usually, I successfully chase my desires. But more important than the success is enjoying the process of chasing.  Perhaps, my enjoyment leads to the success.

Be a day dreamer: Some call it visualization and some strategising (management jargon) but then what is in the name!!  I like to day dream about all my desires.  Actually, my day dreams often give birth to another set of desire.

Be a Judge: Rather than being neutral, I prefer being opinionated. Adding adjectives to people and events is one of my favourite avocations. I have developed my own ideologies to rate people, and I enjoy that.

Prefer to be alone: Yes, I prefer side lower/upper berth seats in the train. Reading, music or simply day dreaming  gives me much more pleasure than talking to people and answering their questions on personal issues.

Know to say No: That way I am less adventurous. I never team up with someone who raises in me even slightest of the doubt that things will not work. I am a people pessimist.


Sometimes, get out of the comfort zone:  Yes, this way I am more adventurous.  The pleasure of finishing those tasks which deemed difficult is unmatchable. Every now and then challenging my physical or mental prowess gives me the adrenaline rush. Even if I fail, I cherish the effort.

Be childish: Sometimes it is all right to be immature. I still enjoy and do few things which I enjoyed as a child like shooting at balloons in fair or reading comics or mimicking an actor or posing to be Sachin Tendulkar.


Be  a little villainous:  I am no saint. I have a rich lexicon of slangs and I do not mind using it. The good part is that the villain is a little one and it recedes back after the outburst. I also find fault in people such that it pleases my ego 🙂 It is ok to be corrupt and ugly sometimes.

Have postulates and live by them: I know what kind of work I will never do, irrespective of the worth. From not doing my business in a particular way to never calling up few relatives (even on their birthday/anniversary or other such mishaps), I have some postulates by which I always abide.


Minimise hypocrisy: I think the biggest source of unhappiness is being a hypocrite. I feel sad when I behave unnaturally to please someone (sometimes to get the business done). All I do to get back to the normal self then is that I let the little villain inside me takeover my mind.

Maximise Self Obsession: Is not that obvious by now??  I am a narcissist and that is why I enjoy my life.



  1. hi, I’m the one who wrote ‘Day Dreaming and Why its Great’. Just wanted to tell you that I’m 15 and have no actual proof to any of the things that I write. But, hey, if you still think it’s a worthy article, please keep the hyperlink 🙂

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