Indian Platter – The Duel

Indian Platter – The Duel

As the song Woh To Hai Albela, 1934158Hazaroon Mein Akela (He is unique, he is one in thousands) plays on in the movie, everybody begins to appreciate a hero inside an otherwise ordinary character. That was a movie. And this is the reality, reality where we perceive a villain inside someone who is bit different, forget about bit unique.  And so what is so unique if Supreme Court in its judgement says that homosexuality is a crime and hence homosexual are criminals. Ask yourself, have you never made fun of a man whose body language is bit feminine, sometimes to the extent of qualifying him to be homosexual? Have you never ever cracked vulgar jokes and passed judgement on the homosexuals, if you know one? And have you not used word Gay as slang? So, hypocrites, why the hoopla on the judgement?? As a society we may have grown more tolerant and we all agree that the judgement is not fair but then when have been fair to the LGBT community? Now, let us take a pledge to give due respect to other’s sexual orientation. Let us win the duel against our hypocrisy first.


Surely by this time everybody is aware about the ‘Unnatural’ content of the article 377. The esteemed Judges have simply applied the 377 principle to criminalize the homosexuals. And that is a surprise as there has been little consideration that application of the article 377 curtails the fundamental right of ‘Right to Life’ (Article 21) which extends to right to live with dignity and full personhood.  SC says that LGBT constitutes a ‘miniscule fraction’ of the population.  And hence for the greater good Article 377 has been upheld. By that logic if the ‘majority fraction’ of the population indulges in any crime then that won’t be a crime. For the time being, article 377 seems like winning the duel over article 21.

The worst part of the Judgement though, is the use of term ‘so called LGBTs’ by the court. No clue, what does that so called insinuate too!!  The better part is that, if willing, the Parliament may modify or even strike out Article 377. Being criticised for the judicial activism, SC has put the burden to act on the Parliament.  And the first voice of support for the change comes from the so called Mother India, Sonia Gandhi (as Salmaan Khursheed, a congressman has named her).  Remember that during the emergency of 1975 congress hailed ‘Indira as India and India as Indira’. It was routed in the next general elections and history is likely to repeat. And repeating himself through his perennial silence is the so called PM Manmohan Singh.  His party man MS Aiyar holds him responsible for the debacle of congress in the recently concluded state elections. I wonder who would have got the credit had the congress won – PM or next congress PM candidate Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi & Parliament reminds me of one Lokpal Bill, the so called elixir for corruption.  Rahul Gandhi has appealed the other parties to help pass the bill. Whatever the motivation behind this appeal is – the loss in the recent elections or the apprehension of the same in the upcoming elections or the rise of the AAP or the latest crusade of Anna Hazare – the intent seems to be good.  What does not look good though is the duel between the once teammates Anna and Kejriwal. Too many indirect references and allegations on each other’s team is actually washing out the goodwill the duo has earned. Differing preferences – as in the case of Hritik Roshan and Suzanne- has already caused the Anna and Kejriwal to part ways but seems like the hangover is yet to get over in their case.

Shifting focus to the so cricketing duel the so called Big Daddy of all the rivalries – The Ashes. Personally it is so good to see England lose. Their performance in Australia and India’s performance in SA confirms that gone are the days of monopoly in the cricket field.  Trivia: Ashes is just a notional prize. The term originated when Australia defeated England in England for the first time. In a satire the English Media stated that English cricket had died, and the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia. The then English captain vowed to regain those ashes and he was a success. Present day ashes urn contains a burnt cricket ball and the urn never leaves Lord’s Museum London.

The remains of Ashes can also be traced into the pocket of Indian consumers as the inflation burns deeper hole. So much so, that even our diplomats based in US are feeling the heat and underpaying their house-maids. Ask Devyani Khobragade, the US based Indian diplomat, whose arrest for the same crime has triggered a duel between India and US.

India as an economy is facing the dual strike of slow growth and high prices (In economics this is called as stagflation). With the retail price index CPI at 11.24% and Industrial growth rate index IIP at -1.8% the economy seems to be in doldrums.  Expect RBI to increase the interest rates further.  Will it work? No, because the inflationary flare is due to the poor supply and not due to the strong demand.  Supply bottlenecks can be removed only in medium or long term and it is the prerogative of the government to do so through its policy making. And there lies the problem.

Let us hope that in this inflation vs. consumer duel, sheer magic works and the inflation gets arrested and no bail here please, as in the case of Lalu Prasad Yadav 😉



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