Indian Platter – The Big Boss

Principle 1: Being the boss anywhere is lonely.  –Robert Frost

Principle 2: They will pity you, then they will laugh at you and then they will vent out anger.  Enlightened Sid 🙂 🙂 🙂

Who better than our PM exemplifies both the principles!! From being hailed as a brilliant economist to being derided as Manmohan Singha weak PM, the supposed Big Boss has seen and felt the transition, equianimously, silently and lonely.  What has his equanimity and silence led to? Another transition. Public sympathy transited to public rage.  And finally he has broken the silence. But the break, though welcome, was a disappointment.  In his biennial press conference (Yes it is only the second time he has hold the conference in his second term) when he was expected to focus on the development and corruption issues he talked more about his own self.  The talk – in which he said he still is the same man he was nine years ago & that history would be more kind to him & that Modi will be disaster as PM – seemed like a final cry for vindication from the Boss who has been a mute spectator to the tandaav of his government.  The boss has indicated the aversion to the post of PM after the election.  And his aversion will bring an end to a surely disastrous stint of a Big Boss.

Arvind kejriwalThen there is the beginning of a stint for the New Delhi Big Boss, the courageous Arvind Kejriwal.  And the beginning is  marked by the first of many to come U-turns.  The house and car controversy reminds me of the book Animal Farm. Surely it is too far – fetched an imagination. I am sure Arvind Kejriwal as an individual is too good a person to grossly breach the trust. But same cannot be said about the others in his party and certainly not about his coalition partners. I hope that Delhi does not turn up to be the farm of the book and that Kejriwal wave which has now brought new set of commoner and corporate honchos to AAP’s shore continues to undulate. I also hope that the electricity rate cuts and minimum water supply initiatives by the Big Boss does not lead to the Big Loss for the government. Blessed are the people of Delhi that way.

Subway-Surfers-2And feeling blessed on being granted respite by the Ahmadabad metropolitan court, would be the next in line Big Boss of the nation Narendra Modi.  The rejection of Zakia Jafri petition provides another thrust to the Modi’s candidature as the PM. And to carry the momentum Narendra Modi has launched a mobile application ‘India 272+’ which enables volunteers to share their views across the social media platform.  And how does the Big Boss of the mobile games, Subway Surfers relates to Narendra Modi?? Did you check the latest Mumbai version of the game!! And did you notice that even subway surfers is asking you to pick up lotus in its weekly challenge 🙂 Now you got the relation.

And guess how the above principles apply to hottest trendier of the week across Alok naththe social media!! Sorry for associating hot word with Alok Nath ;-). He is that family boss who can never be alone. Being an asocial I used to pity him for all the familial responsibilities he has shouldered, so many times and in so many shades. But is not my pity better than the mockery of those shameless social animals for whom Babuji has sacrificed his self? Or is it a social way of paying tribute to an otherwise unnoticeable character? I don’t know about the socials, but Alok Nath sir, please consider this mention in the blog as a tribute to you from an asocial fellow. I have that much courtesy, thanks to my mother who makes me watch Sanskar channel.

Moving from the small screen to big screen. The Big Boss of all the bollywood movies Sholay comes alive in the 3 D avatar. No comments on it, as the sacrosanct objects fall outside the purview of any review! But did you know that the budget of original movies was 3 crore and it grossed 15 crore collection, 40 years back!!

Farooq ShaikhBoth small screen and the big screed suffered a Big Loss at the demise of Farooq Sheikh. Which movie aficionado can forget the chemistry of Farooq Sheikh and Deepti Naval in Saath – Saath, Chashme Badoor and Katha!! My favourite is Katha (based on the hare and tortoise story) and it is my favourite because of Farooq Sheikh, who plays the character of Bashu (hare) with absolute panache. No other cool and glib character of any movie comes close to that of Basu of Katha. Naseerudin plays the character of Raja Ram (tortoise).  I think I have convinced you to watch the movie now!!

Now sports. Congratulations to the underdog Indian team on their performance in South Africa. They lost the series but at least they showed the teeth and had it not for Steyn (did not I predict that) and Kallis (who played his farewell test – read The last War Horse walks off), India would have actually toppled the Big Boss of the Test cricket. Now team India moves to New Zealand with couple of new faces Stuart Binny -who also happens to be the son of national selector Roger Binny – and Ishwar Pandey. Being selector is such a thankless job, am I not doubting the credentials of Stuart Binny because his father is one of the Big Boss?

In fact after completing the blog I feel I should add another principle.

Principle 3: Being Boss is a thankless job. Even this principle applies to Manmohan Singh & Alok Nath 🙂

PS: Congratulations to Gauhar Khan on winning The Big Boss contest. I do not follow the contest so I cannot comment much but my special thanks to the show for lending me the title….


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