Indian Platter- Indigestible Crumbs

There is more to the news than AAP, Devyani, Narendra Modi and Alok Nath. In this section the focus is on those crumbs of news which are not breaking but interesting.

  • India ranks below Pakistan

Weak regulation and lack of independent nuclear regulatory body in India has allowed Pakistan (20) to outrank India (23) in the list of countries with a weak nuclear material security in the world.

India ranks below Pakistan in n-security index reads Indian Daily The Hindu

Pakistan supersedes India but still ranks near bottom of n-safety index reads Pakistani Daily Dawn

What do these two titles signify? Some facts of life never change and are constant across geographies. One is that our success or failure is so relative to that of our neighbour. 

 A French restaurant in Islamabad serving traditional French cuisines made of pork and wine was asked to shut down as it declined to serve Pakistanis. The owner says that since wine and pork are forbidden in Islam his servings of the same to the Pakistani Muslims would have required paying bribe to the police and he wanted to avoid that, even at the cost of being less profitable.

Ok, how many of you felt happy about banning of Pakistani people. Here is another reason to celebrate; India (94) beats Pakistan (127) in the list of most corrupted countries in the world as per the survey results of Transparency International. Thanks to Manmohan Singh and congress India has slipped 22 ranks since the last time this survey was published.

 AAP and Kejriwal, you are India’s hope J

  • CG government launches helpline number to combat corruption

Surely you must have heard about 1031. But have you heard about 0771-4053739 and 0771-2222410? Yes, the numbers are pretty clumsy but the intent is laudable. Raman Singh government has set up these helpline numbers for the people to register complaints against corruption.

The debate on who has invented the helpline scheme is not as important as the effort. However, the tragedy is that that the media seems to be too obsessed with Arvind Kejriwal and AAP. After all, in AAP and Kejriwal they have discovered the elusive and sudden rise of a commoner that public so much craves for. 

  • First Gun for Women launched

As a mark of tribute to Delhi gang rape victim, the Indian Ordnance factory in Kanpur has launched Nirbheek, a .32 bore revolver for the women. The revolver is the smallest to be made in India and can fit into a purse or a handbag.

And guess at what cost this defence comes? Rs. 1,22,360/-.!!!

At that cost this defence is at avail only for the powerful. And how will it be governed that it is not put to misuse. And how can we expect that a normal woman can thwart goons by showing the gun!! And more importantly is this product licensing a signal for us to stop relying only on law and order since it is difficult to accomplish.  Trivia: a total of 11,22,814 persons have licensed arms in Uttar Pradesh as per the state home department records. This is over four times the count of firearms available with the Uttar Pradesh Police (2.5 lakh).

  • No need to call us my lord or lordship, sir is good enough

Supreme Court while rejecting a petition which asked for banning the usage of words “my lord or your lordship” to address them said that they only seek respectable manner of address and use of my lord or your lordship is not compulsory. However, court also said that they cannot ban the usage of such words and it is an individual’s choice to use any word which marks respect like “Sir”  

What is in the name and truly by leaving the choice of nomenclature to the addressor, Supreme Court has shown maturity. Hopefully, egos do not get hurt when they are actually addressed as sir and not as my lord.

  • ‘Stop eating onionsprices will come down’ says Supreme Court

That is simple economics. But judicial life is not that simple as there is so much novelty of cases to deal with.  But this time novelty crossed all limits.

 A Public Interest Litigation seeking the SC to direct government on regulating onion prices attracted stern decline from the court.  Besides imparting the simple lesson of economics, SC also told the petitioners that it shall not be burdened with such public interest suits.

  • Government considering proposal to grant minority status to Jains

Jain who makes up .4 percent of the country’s population is all set to be designated as sixth minority community of India. With the literacy rate of 94.1 percent, the Jain community has a strong impact in the business and corporate world. Becoming a nationally recognised minority community would give them a share in central funds earmarked for various welfare programmes and scholarships for the minorities. They can also manage and administer their own educational institutions.

And does the community need such funds?

No. Economically Jain community is among one of the better placed communities in the country. Perhaps, government by proposing to minority status ahead of the Lok Sabha election hopes to garner a vote bank.

  • Assam’s demand for a separate time zone

Assam CM, citing the loss of daylight hours due to early sunrise and sunset has demanded for separate time zone for Assam by forwarding the clock one hour. According to statistics the loss of working hours had resulted in slowing down Assam’s growth to the extent that it is now calculated to be over 25 years and 10 months behind the rest of the country in terms of development.

As per the experts this will create unimaginable chaos. Hell, even a commoner like me can think that. 


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