Indian Platter – Any time is Well-in-Time

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible says Harry while proposing Sally in the movie ‘Harry met Sally’.  Harry was spontaneous but not all humans are so, especially when it comes to romance.  Hence, the need for a cause or an occasion to exhibit that romance becomes so pressing.  And for all such secretive romancers market forces yet again come to rescue and presents a Valentine Week- giving a cause and also a 7 day guide to be a spontaneous proposer.   And do you know what is the market size of this ‘7 day guide’ in India – Rs. 15 billion!!! How boring I am to even evaluate love to money!!  May be that way I am. I am not against the Valentine’s day though. Just that if you are waiting for the day to express yourself and once you actually do express, please do not wait for another year to show your love to your Valentine.   Because for love – Anytime is Well- in-Time!!


Same is true for respect and especially for the man (Yes no more a God, let him rest as a man now) who has always batted for India and given millions of Indians a reason to smile and promises to do so even after retirement. In a true mark of respect the man was honoured as Bharat Ratna – ‘Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar’.  And did you notice that ‘Bharat Ratna CNR Rao’ is 79 year old (almost double the age of Sachin) and still working as an active scientist. But then to pay respect – Anytime is Well in Time.

Respect also for Satya Nadella, the India- born CEO of Microsoft. A humble man, no IIT/IIM/Ivy League brand,

Imagemakes it big, really big in the corporate world, suggesting that the talent Anyway Finds Its Own Way. What Satya’s elevation has inadvertently done though is that it foddered an argument on how his elevation is a slap on the face Indian system.  Is it? Yes, if I put on my Nationalist hat, I do ponder that why it is that all the great stories about the Indians in the corporate world are written abroad. But then my logic tells me that all the important decisions of the multinationals are being made abroad and so naturally the best talents have to move out of India. And till the time Indian firms establish themselves as global giant this would continue.  And to do so, we need an India which shows willingness to win and which promotes meritocracy but only after accounting for the diversity (and that is the biggest challenge).

And how well timed is Narendra Modi’s entry into ‘foothpath parliament’ – tea stalls. He seems Well In Time with his every move these days.  In his kick off session of ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ Modi suggested his intentions to bring back the black money, promote an honest work culture and form a good government.  Interesting part is not the promises that he makes but the way he pounces upon any opportunity that congress throws his way.  And perhaps, Rahul Gandhi in his twinkling but confused eyes is still is dreaming about Women Empowerment, Democracy and RTI and yes, about that fateful interview too.


Modesty and Women reminds me, have you heard about model Meghna Patel, a model who posed nude with a placard reading ‘Vote for Modi’ to hide her modesty? Ok and have you heard about model Tanisha Singh (I think I have aroused enough curiosity to search about her ;-))


I am sure though that being an Indian you have not only heard but ardently followed the IPL hammer. Hate IPL or Love IPL but one cannot ignore IPL. Firstly it is cricket, then it has lot of glamour and then of course it has obscene amount of money.  Actually in India all three go hand in hand. Look at the glamorous cricketer Yuvraj Singh who has been bought at Rs. 14 crore – highest money in the history of the game.  Again how boring I am to even evaluate cricket to money??  May be that way I am.  But for Cricket in India Anytime is Well in Time!!


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