Indian Platter – Good Over Bad

Legends sometimes are more important than facts.  After all legends are mostly unambiguous and give absolute reason to celebrate the ‘good over bad’ optimism.  Fortunately, Indian calendar is marked by innumerable such reasons of celebration. And now, the legend of Holi eclipses the atmosphere with its colours to make the nation temporarily blind of the besieging problems, to fill the hearts with momentary happiness, to revive the ebbing faith  and to re –fuel that optimism of ‘good over bad’.  A welcome break is this festival of Holi, a break to indulge in colours and sweets and bhaang.  A break to start afresh with the reenergised spirit to fight the odds till the time next legend comes with its own reasons of celebration.


And how refreshing is the initiative of NGO Sulabh International!! The NGO which has been working to draw the stigmatised and abandoned widows in to the mainstream society, organised an event in Vrindavan where around 1000 widows played holi with colours and gulal. Events like such gives further thrust to our ‘good over bad’ optimism. And also suggest that the legends and the age old beliefs are not always important than the facts.


For every green there is a red. And for every humanitarian act there is an inhumane one.  What else would one call the ambush attack of Maoist, which killed15 CRPF persons? Of course the attack is aimed to destabilise the upcoming elections and the very root of democracy but more disturbing is the fact that intelligence and police have once again found wanting in their operation ‘Green Hunt’ to drive out the insurgency from the ‘red corridors’. Surely, there has to be a cause for such insurgency. Surely, somehow an entire civilization has been secluded from the ‘inclusive growth story’ and surely the secluded civilisation has taken the uncivilised path to restore order of their own. Ironical both, the inclusive growth story and the mass killing in the name of order.  And when irony strikes it is an eye opener. But surely our decision makers and action takers have chosen to keep eyes shut. Which is more lasting, curing the disease or curing the cause of disease? Easier said than done but then ‘good over bad’ optimism requires some doing too.

Doing their bit in raising the nation’s optimism are our politicians. And what is the cost at which they are raising it – Rs. 30,000 Crore!!.Yes, that is the amount likely to be spent by the government and political parties in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.  No complains if the act leads to the fruition of that optimism.  And if act does not then will we be in position to complain?? That is democracy!!

Did you notice the fall in the inflation to the low level of 4.68%.  The economist cites many reasons for the fall in price level but I am yet to find the goods with fallen price. Enigmatic!! Surely it is my limitation that I am unable to locate such goods, perhaps the eclipsed colourful atmosphere has made me blind or perhaps politicians here too are doing their bit to raise the optimism before elections.

Optimism is so pervasive in India when we talk about cricket and that too T-20. Despite India’s lacklustre performances in ODIs and Test recently the nation once again grips in to the frenzy of hope as the T-20 world cup begins.  This cricket frenzy is the perennial and the cheapest escape route for the Indians from the besieging day to day problems. And the cricketing celebration will never stop as after the world cup there is IPL coming. As Salman Khan says in his latest Thums up ad – Ek Toofan Khatam to Doosra Shuru.

Ek Optimism Khatam to dusra Shuru. Legends and their causes!!


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