Indian Platter – The Bold Unusuals

And the saga continues.  The election in the biggest democracy culminates, paving way for a certain but incalculable change. Sensex keeps on its upward journey in a hope that that incalculable change would be profitable. Despite all the distraction, IPL moves from Dubai to its second phase in India. Another Indian, Rajeev Suri rises to the top of the corporate world as the CEO of Nokia. And then, amidst all the usuals there have been some bold and unusual newsmakers.   First-poster

Rarely, a movie turns out to be better than its inspiring book, and 2 states accomplishes that.  Through the first 30 minutes of the movie many of us, who have done MBA from one of the top B schools, must have re -lived their life. Few through the fun and frolic of the two protagonists and majority through those unnoticeable characters who act as mere spectators to this fun, making comments as ‘Usmein Aisa Kya Hai jo Mujhe mein Nahi’.   I noticing such unnoticeables suggest which group I belonged to.  And to all those aspiring to do MBA from IIM Ahmedabad after watching the movie, Best of Luck!!

In real life, arousing a similar feeling ‘Usmein Aisa….’ in many is another unusual, sexagenarian Digvijay Singh, the Indian Michael Douglas. Accepting his May-December relationship with the journalist Amrita Rai, the veteran and loud politician has given an unexpected fodder to the ravenous media and to the moral police of the society. Since I am no moral police, I refrain from encroaching in such matters. But one question which makes me ponder is, what is upsetting people more – Digvijay Singh’s political stature, his age, his admission of the relationship as a widower or just the feeling of why not me?

I know though, what had upset people- the reckless celebrities choosing IIFA 2014 awards over their voting right. And guess who leads the pack? The self assumed intellect duo of Bollywood who never shy from voicing the opinion on national matters, Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi.  Just to put the facts, Javed Akhtar is a member of Rajya Sabha and Shabana Azmi is an ex-member.

Slightly better than the acts of such celebrities is that of Union Minister Chiranjeevi. Actor turned politician at least casted his vote, so be it that he tried to show his importance by jumping the queue. And applause to that unusual common man who showed the Union Minister his right place in the democratic nation. If we all can have that kind of courage!!

If we have few hypocrite celebrities, we also have all too human Sachin Tendulkar (also a Rajya Sabha member) who flew back from Dubai leaving IPL, on his birthday, just to cast his vote. No wonder Sachin continues to draw the Godly respect and affection even after retirement. Talking about Sachin how can we leave cricket.  As Australia regains the number one position in Test cricket and India, slides to number five position (India is world number one in T20 cricket), it is time to think if IPL has evolved as a Frankenstein that is gobbling Indian Test Cricket? Look at the sight of poor Cheteswar Pujara batting and you would find the answer.


The boldest and the most unusual newsmaker though, is Ranveer Singh, who charted into the territory which no big ticket bollywood actor ever had. In his quest to promote safe sex the actor has endorsed Durex condom ad. And to those having reservations about the ad, I confess even I had, but after watching it I must tell you it is less cheesy than the scenes in many so called family movies. And the good part about the ad is that it does not objectify women as sex symbol. The creators of the ad must get credit for handling a tabooed topic decently. And then there is the bold Mastram. “It is often said that every young North Indian male in the 1990s considered reading ‘Mastram’ a rite of passage” writes Tehelka Magazine (Yes, Tarun Tejpal one).  The bestselling and cheapest (both rate wise and content wise) porn magazine before the prevalence of internet, Mastram, has inspired the writer of Gangs of Wasseypur to make a movie on the writer of the magazine Mastram. And to those having reservations about the movie, I confess even I had and after watching the trailer I think the movie though bold would perhaps be ugly.


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