I don’t like Good Days :)

They all have deserted us – purchasing power, sense of some ministers and the voices of the once omnipresent and omniscient economic/political commentators. And now, even the weather God has deserted us on our Good Days. But despite these desertions, the newly found optimism of the once paranoid media remains loyal to it.

keep-calm-achhe-din-aane-wale-hai-3It’s been a more than a month since the beginning of Good days and the only affect to be felt is that of Goodness.  May be it is too early to feel the goodness but then was not it too early when we dissected each day of Kejrwial’s office?  May be some “Harsh Measures” in the short run are inevitable for the greater Good in the long run but why the fury of such harsh measures always falls on a commoner?

The price rise in rail against the backdrop of improvement in service and that in sugar against the backdrop of supporting the ailing sugar mills and then the proposed hike in petroleum products against the backdrop of reduction in deficit are some of the measures in the name of economic development (and as I am preparing the final draft, I get the news about the hike in the petrol and diesel prices)

 And once again, as always, the brunt of the economic development has to be borne by the commoner alone.

No, I am not a socialist, yes I might be cynical.  But what can be expected from a poor commoner whose voice somehow always gets diluted and mutilated under the burden ‘harsh measures’

Perhaps I might be over reacting but, am I wrong to expect from Modi a crackdown on the hoarders – may be by temporary suspension of licence or close monitoring – who are stocking sugar and commodities like onion to book profits in the wake of weak monsoon? And am I wrong to expect from Modi that formation of SIT does not end up to be a gimmick to avoid difficult questions and that it will not be like other the taskforces who always ‘look in to matter’ and that it will be empowered to act and bring back the black money? And am I wrong to expect that his minister would restrain from preaching us the moral values in the name of Indian culture?  And am I wrong to expect from him a more efficient and empathetic budget?

No I am not seeking any free lunch; I am just seeking proportionate measures for all. Is not proportionate distribution among all than the free lunch for few, a better tool to achieve the socio-economic goal of parity?



  1. He has way over sold the dream of “acche din”, from what the trend looks like (keeping in mind the badaun rape case, inflation, increase in prices of both food items and petrol/diesel), I’m more than sure we have to face 5 years of only bure din.

  2. I agree for most of the part, however I think if we are talking of Indian economy on the whole he should be given more time to prove his mettle. At least the market remains optimistic and agri stocks are likely to go up for now. 😉

    • Agreed that economy if measured through the traditional benchmarks of sensex and forex inflows economy will be on track… Challenging part will be reduction in disparity and social inclusion… I hope if he does that, then he will stay for a 15-20 years which he talked about in his first speech after winning… And sensex by no means if the measure of Indian economy and happiness index of people or for that matter ‘ache din’

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