Indian Platter: “The # and a ——————- Challenge”

Being cynical about a thing and then being an ardent fan of the same thing is so enjoyable and so humanly. My preference news_1372074432_16dbed63db01af638a2202for Comedy Nights with Kapil just went through that evolution. And amidst that evolution – which was every Sunday noon affair – yesterday my wife made me realise that I have not been writing Indian Platter all the while – which I generally used to write on Sunday noon. Perhaps, she also has evolved from being a cynic to an ardent fan of my write ups or perhaps she preferred me being silently doing my stuff than learning crude but smart way of mocking one’s wife from Kapil.

How can I challenge my wife’s directions? So I decided to write again (for a change not on Sunday) and then, the challenge was to find a suitable title. Search began; I typed ‘challenge’ in facebook and up appeared so many ‘# XYZ challenge’. My asocial behaviour notwithstanding, I am a socialist in the virtual world and I like to follow the trends. Hence, as per the trend, here is the title of Indian Platter “The # and a ——- challenge’

After the ODI series win in England the most trending Indian is the same MS Dhoni, who has evolved from a sore to every Indian’s eye to a cynosure of every Indian. The real trending topic should have been “#IndianTestBucketChallenge” but BCCI decided to give a momentary cause of celebration to its audience by suggesting a thread “#mahirules”. Dhoni’s contribution as a hero to Indian ODI performance is definitely unrivalled but so is his lack of contribution as a decision maker to Indian Test performance.

No doubt on the decisiveness of the captain of the country, Mr. Modi though, who also has been one of most trending hash tag since past 12 months or so. And no doubt that the Indian economy, if we go by Sensex and Nifty , seems to be in recovery mode post he took as the PM. But equally doubtless is the fact that the few of the pre election promises are still left undelivered and one such undelivered promise has given the otherwise in oblivion party, AAP an opportunity to voice itself.


For all his decisiveness and preference for speedy execution there are quite a few challenges infront of Modi. Black money is certainly one. The execution of the idea of financial inclusiveness through ‘Jan Dhan Yojna Scheme’ – providing bank account to the poor along with the accidental coverage, life insurance and loans – is another. This scheme finds RBI and PM on different pages and as per the economists the speedy execution of such a scheme, as desired by the PM may be disastrous. However, the biggest challenge could be the recent verdict of the Supreme Court which suggested that the onus of disqualifying tainted ministers lies on the PM. SC remarked that a cabinet with clean leaders is ‘legitimately expected’ and PM should act in his wisdom to fulfil the expectation (Keep in mind that the SC’s verdict was on a PIL filed 8 years back and not against present PM). Perhaps, it would be befitting to have trending topic ‘#TopModiChallenge”.

Now, shifting focus on the society. ‘Love Jihad’ caused a community of traders in Agra to impose ban on the use of mobile phones by school girls. Of course the problem of forcing conversion in the name of love is a serious issue but how would banning phones help the cause!! And then there is debate on why people worship Sai Baba. For all I understand, people worship someone out of unwavering faith and that faith can be in God or human or even energy and no amount of external pressure or logic can deter it. Clearly our society is kaleidoscopic and the fact that it has survived and grown despite having so many colors is a tribute to the tolerance of its people. Perhaps another trending topic could be “#WeOvercomeChallenges”.


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