Indian Platter – Finding F

Apart from the humanly shades of characters, if you are finding reasons for watching Finding Fanny there is only one.  And that undoubtedly is The Sculpture’s Delight Dipika Padukone!!  Beautiful she is and the tranquillity of her character only intensifies her beauty in the movie.  For the movie, well, it is an indescribable class in itself and as a person with limited knowledge of art, I classify such indescribable as ‘weird’ or even ‘offbeat’. The movie will definitely make you remark ‘What a Movie!! or perhaps What a Movie?’ Of course depending on your audience you may like to choose one of the remarks. Choose your moment wisely 🙂  2(92)

Choosing their moment and perhaps wisely so will be people of Scotland who are going for a referendum for Finding their Freedom from the UK.  The same referendum which was suggested by AAP member Prashant Bhushan to find the Fate of Jammu and Kashmir, the state which has now been shadowed by the Fury of the nature.  The devastating Flood which has affected the entire valley is a way through which nature reminds human beings of its supremacy over them. And then the restoration of the life and order after such calamities is a way through which human beings remind nature of their unassailable resilience.  IndiaTvb54587_JAMMU

For the prompt measure which the government under the aegis of army has taken to rehab the citizens affected by flood, PM Modi has Founded a Favorable comment from his detractor Digvijay Singh. Sometimes, insanity talks sense.

Finding ‘F’ for Fall is the Index of Industrial Production for the month of July.  At .5% IIP has touched a four month low. Retail inflation is one reason which is hindering people to spend more on the goods, resulting in low IIP figures. May be upcoming religious festive season will arrest the fall of IIP.

Religion, Festivals and Modi brings me to another F- Faith. Religion and Festivals go hand in hand in India.  Id and Ganesh Utsav and then the upcoming Navratri and Diwali are all testimony to the Faith of Indians on religion.  In the Find of my Faith, I had been on a religious trip to Rajasthan, recently.  And Did I find my faith? Certainly I did that in each temple.  And when I saw the kind of employment and business generated outside each temple and each dharamsala on the name of the religion, I thought it is better not to renegade that faith. And now, my materialistic soul finds a religiously faithful excuse to shop in the festive season ahead.

How did Mr. Modi come between Faith and Religion? Well, remember that we all entrusted him with the Faith of bringing good days? Remember that few weeks back rail Fares where increased by 14%, promising better service in return? So, did I find better train service while travelling in the Find of my Faith? Certainly, I did not in any of the trains I travelled, so much so that I took flight for my return journey (which cost only a bit more than AC Fares of a train). One’s quest for Finding Filth ends in the train which I took. Interestingly, all along the way the passengers were talking how Modi is saving this money to invest in Bullet trains but the tone was more sarcastic than appreciative.

Now to the findings of sports, for a change there is news from some other game than cricket, although for wrong reasons.  The debate around the top Indian Tennis players opting out of Asian games preferring to participate in ATP tournaments to improve their personal ranking only highlights the inefficiency in the system.  Like everyone, Players are also maximising their returns. Why to expect sacrifice from them when we are not ready to sacrifice anything – be it money or be it time or be it foolhardiness?

And what about the fools who have read this article in hope of Finding that F word? Sorry, even Idea ads cannot help such ullus..


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