CAT 2014: Over and Out, What Next?

It is over and out for 2014!! The much awaited CAT result is out giving rest to the anxiety. Frankly, majority of us (there would be few unlucky ones who did everything right but still) at the bottom of the heart knew what result would look like not because of the percentile predictors, not because of the performance on the CAT day but because of the blood, sweat and tears which went into the preparationcat-2014-16-people-are-100-percentilers-1-in-47-exam-takers-can-get-into-an-iim for the CAT day.   And now when the obvious is in front, what is the next step?

For those who have done very well and scored marks to fetch call from top 10-15 colleges, it is clear. Celebrate your success but get over the hangover soon.  As, the time is less and the battle is among the crème de la crème, the situation will demand more blood, sweat and tears.  And yes, while celebrating please remember that you have been fortunate enough and that there is a bunch of candidates who are equally deserving but have got the rough end of the stick, so be humble.

For those who have got the rough end of the stick, well only one thing, persevere.   It is heartbreaking but trust me that the world has not yet collapsed.  Some other day, some other exam and you will get your share.  Continue to do what you have been doing before CAT and things will certainly fall in place.  Be happy and do not compromise on your dreams.

And for the majority who just ran the race, whatever you choose next – be it getting in to a tier III B-school or giving CAT another shot – remember that at least once you have to offer blood sweat and tears.  Everybody will not go to IIMs but anybody who works hard will certainly keep crossing milestones.  Start afresh with a new vigour, set your mistakes straight.

And this is for all; it was just one exam, a success in this does not make you great and a failure does not make you stupid.  You are the sum total of all the processes you have executed till now and do not judge yourself by one result, judge yourself by the efforts put behind.

Be happy, because at the end of the day good things happen to happy people.


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