Resolutions and Their One Day Life


Resolutions are like promises, meant to be kept but rarely kept. And more so the New Year resolutions, which for me this year cannot even survive a day.  Celebrating the arrival of the New Year till the late hours on 31st Dec meant that my first resolution of getting up by 6.00 a.m. was dead even before it can breathe.  My second resolution which was exercising daily for at least 30 mins at least lived a bit longer.  Even after getting up late, I, all determined to keep up my second resolution went to the Gym. To my dismay, it was closed on the occasion of 1st Jan.  Cursing my luck, I was sure that the third resolution would not die the premature death. On my arrival back home my wife fumed at me and announced that maid has not yet come, as if I was responsible for her absenteeism. And then the dreadful happened. She in clear words suggested that no food will be cooked at the home, as she did not wish to wash the dishes and as an obedient husband I had to fulfil her wish and take her out for the lunch, thus killing my next resolution of avoiding outside food.   And to top it all my most ambitious resolution which was to push my limits failed too with the other three.


On the hindsight the choice of the resolutions was not very intelligent, as the first three were dependent on the happenings or non happenings of some other things and one was immeasurable, I mean how can I measure my limits? As always, my timid heart was excuse ready!!

But then, as I was sitting with my wife in the evening, my daughter came to us asking which color to fill in her coloring book.  We were having a look at her book when my wife suggested why don’t I draw a flower and a hut. I did so, only to my embarrassment. I was never good in drawing but yesterday I realized that even my 4 year old daughter draws better than I.  And, just looking at my wife and daughter laughing wholeheartedly on my drawing efforts made me also laugh.  Then it dawned on me that the resolutions need not be living up to the big challenges or chartering unknown waters, but it can also be living simple moments. Hence, I decided that every Sunday my wife and I, together, would do two activities for 30 mins each– one at which she is better than I am-  drawing, and the other at which I am better than she is – writing.  I think apart from exploring new things, the quality time spent will only improve the strong bonding.

So, for I – The mortal, the resolution is finding the ways to be happier.



  1. Hahaha !!! That’s nice. Writing and drawing, and most important, doing it together. 🙂
    You’ve rightly said that its not always about the big things, but also about the small little things that add quality and happiness to life.
    And I wish you all the best for the first 3 resolutions. 😉 😉

    Wishing you and your lovely family a happy and healthy year !!

  2. I was amazed to see its not just we students whose resolutions die “premature death”.
    My resolution for this year is to control my crave of self photography(to be very specific) and focus and nurture my strengths…
    Hope atleast they live long :p

  3. Failure in the first two resolutions happened with me also 😀 although i m trying hard not to fail in the coming days.
    Very rightly said that ‘finding ways to be happier’ 🙂

    khush rehne ko zaroori kya h bolo yaar
    khushi toh milti h jab mie kisi ka pyaar 🙂
    Wish you a very happy new year.

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