Book Review: The Winning Way


After a long time I picked up a self-help book and I must say that The Winning Way by Anita  and Harsha Bhogle did not disappoint me.  The book is compilation of all the experiences which the authors have gathered by conducting training sessions on Winning for the corporate. What sets this book apart from the other books of the genre is the parallel drawn between the winning formula in the sports world and the corporate world.

Content: The content of the book, as the name suggests, focuses on the necessary ingredient to Win – be it in sports or business or life in general.   The book features lots of regular areas – Goal Settings, Importance of attitude over ability, Team Building, Change and Leadership. But for me the most refreshing features are chapters on The Burden of Winning – which talks about the downside of winning- and Learning while Losing.

Rating: 3.5/5

Presentation: The presentation of the content and the analogies drawn between the sports and the corporate world is refreshing.  The authors have used interesting anecdotes and examples to drive their arguments. Each chapter begins with a quote from a famous personality and the quote nicely sets the tone for the chapter. The chapter then discusses one topic in detail and covers various aspects on that topic. At the end of each chapter a summary of all important points is listed.

Rating 3.5/5

 Language: Harsha Bhogle as a cricket commentator is witty with his remarks and that wittiness is reflected in the book too. The language used is simple and lucid but quite compelling.  Unlike the other self help books, the tone used is not didactic in nature, which again is a welcome change.

Rating 4/5

Overall, I suggest The Winning Way can be read by anyone,  as it is easy to understand and relevant to people of any age.


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