The Flight Worms

While travelling, I always find at least one person – a mobile worm- inside the plane who keeps on talking over the cell phone even after the verbal instructions to switch off the phone are issued. And when the flight staff request the person to stop talking and to switch off the phone, the brave person stares back, as if what kind of cowardly request has been made. Amidst the stern look of the fellow passengers he finally switches off and shows as if his 100 crore deal has been scrapped due to the cowardice of the passengers. Then I also, almost always find that one person, who as soon as the seat belt signal is set off, stands up and rushes to the toilet.

Then there are few landing worms. These people refuse to straighten their seats even after the landing announcement is made. They belong to the breed to which the mobile worms belong. They wait for the staff to make a request. Perhaps plane is the only place where such people are able to attract some importance, and so they do not miss on the opportunity. And yes, the most interesting set is the last set of people, who switch on their mobile the moment the flight touches the land and shouts loudly “Meri flight airport touch kar li hai, tu pahuch gaya naa lene”. We have so many Ambanis and Birlas and Tatas in


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