The Priceless and Timeless Father

Father’s day presents an opportunity to say ‘Thanks’ to my father.  But more importantly this day gives an opportunity to put words to the lessons I learnt from him, either through his words or his actions. Invaluable and irreplacable, he was, and thankfully I still find him here with me, as he makes his presence felt through his thoughts, the same thougths which he presented to me at some obscure stages of my life.

Thanks father, thanks for being there always.

1.  It is ok to fail: I have failed several times, and I used to know beforehand that I am going to fail and used to get nervous. And that is when my father played the most important role by comforting me. He was of the belief that it is perfectly fine to fail. He believed that if effort is there, success will sooner or later follow. I think that nowdays I live by this principle and I am able to enjoy my life more.

2. Speak less, listen more: Golden rule. I was told to listen out first to people and then speak. My father belived that doing so helps in understanding the want of the other person and hence being empathetic. I dont know how much I am able to follow this rule, but I will love to follow it more.

3. Do not save for tommorow at the expense of today: Unconventional. No, actually my father used to say that saving money for unexpected circumstances is very important but that should in no way hamper the lifestyle of today. Make provisions for future goals and for realistically possible events but also make sure that you spend enough to live the day fruitfully.

4. Money will never be constrain if you want to do something: Without getting into details of his hardship days, I must say that my father learnt this lesson and he never forgot to tell me the same. I too now believe that – do not give up on dreams for the lack of money. Keep trying God will always send the helping hand in time.

5. Be ethical in what you do: It is about work ethics. He used to tell me that, in the wake of earning money, ensure that you do not become short sighted and show dishonesty towards the work itself. Helping people with skills and being considerate towards their needs, wins you many hearts. Help selflessly, money will follow.

6. Be process oriented and not result oriented: This is the most important thing I have learnt from him.  He showcased this attitude in his day to day efforts, to the efforts towards which he was religiously disciplined.Those who know me would have heard me saying this many times.

7. Books are the best friends: I was never forced in to reading books. I was never forced by my parents to anything. I just picked the habit from him, and I think books are my best friends.

I dont think that any of the lessons sounds like new or out of box. Perhaps every father would have said so. But then, that is the beauty of such lessons- they are simple and hence they are timeless, priceless and so true. And that is the beauty of all the fathers, that in a way they all are same but then they too are timeless and priceless.


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