Book Review: Lord of the Flies

Lord of the flies is regarded as one of the best English novel, and for most part of the book I wondered why!!  Written by Nobel Prize winner, William Golding, the book presents a story which explores the two competing attitudes inside the human beings.  The book fails in many aspects, foremost aspect being the coherence.  There are good things too, but they are few and far.


  1. The Plot: A group of school boys lands in an uninhabited island due to a plane crash. The boys, in their own childlike manner they try to establish rules to govern themselves but then the lack of resources leads to the awakening of that villainous and barbaric spirit which resides inside the humans and the result is savagery!!  The plot may seem interesting, but its flow and its development are dull.  Far too often the writer has described the events or symbols which do not gel with the plot.
  1. The Theme: The main theme of the novel is civilization vs. savagery.  The formation of a group, ego clashes between the two leaders and the deterioration of the group are the real world happenings which author has attempted to capture, but the attempt does not have much impact.  The renegading of children from civilized to unruly group, though irrational, is real – as in real world too, the renegades do renegade blindly rather than rationally.
  1. The Characters: All the characters in the book are kids.  Ralph and Jack are the two main characters and for me neither is interesting.  Good characters need to communicate with the readers so as to have a lasting impression and none of the characters of this book are able to arouse any emotion. The only exception, perhaps, being Piggy, a fat but logical child, who is the center of the fun and joke of the others and whose glasses play an important role in the book.
  1. The Language: The descriptions of the savaged boys killing a Pig as the hunt and then their killing of an apparent ghost are excellent. But apart from that there is nothing much. The author is verbose at many places and the narration can be skipped.  Overall, the reading is boring.

The book has its theme as the only good part, but the story, its development and the characters are not impacting.


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