Review: Playing It My Way

Like the high expectations I had, every time he came to out to bat, I also had high expectations when Sachin announced that he would come out with his autobiography.  But unlike with his batting, where he lived up to the expectations of millions like me, he definitely fails to do the same with his book.  For me a good autobiography should give me insights on the person’s character and life.  And, if it is a sportsman’s autobiography, a bit of inspiration too.  Also, I expect to have improved level of understanding of the sport after reading a sportsman’s autobiography.  And for me, Playing it My Way fails on all these accounts.   Continue reading


Indian Platter: “The # and a ——————- Challenge”

Being cynical about a thing and then being an ardent fan of the same thing is so enjoyable and so humanly. My preference news_1372074432_16dbed63db01af638a2202for Comedy Nights with Kapil just went through that evolution. And amidst that evolution – which was every Sunday noon affair – yesterday my wife made me realise that I have not been writing Indian Platter all the while – which I generally used to write on Sunday noon. Perhaps, she also has evolved from being a cynic to an ardent fan of my write ups or perhaps she preferred me being silently doing my stuff than learning crude but smart way of mocking one’s wife from Kapil. Continue reading

I don’t like Good Days :)

They all have deserted us – purchasing power, sense of some ministers and the voices of the once omnipresent and omniscient economic/political commentators. And now, even the weather God has deserted us on our Good Days. But despite these desertions, the newly found optimism of the once paranoid media remains loyal to it.

keep-calm-achhe-din-aane-wale-hai-3It’s been a more than a month since the beginning of Good days and the only affect to be felt is that of Goodness.  May be it is too early to feel the goodness but then was not it too early when we dissected each day of Kejrwial’s office?  May be some “Harsh Measures” in the short run are inevitable for the greater Good in the long run but why the fury of such harsh measures always falls on a commoner? Continue reading

Indian Platter – The Bold Unusuals

And the saga continues.  The election in the biggest democracy culminates, paving way for a certain but incalculable change. Sensex keeps on its upward journey in a hope that that incalculable change would be profitable. Despite all the distraction, IPL moves from Dubai to its second phase in India. Another Indian, Rajeev Suri rises to the top of the corporate world as the CEO of Nokia. And then, amidst all the usuals there have been some bold and unusual newsmakers.   First-poster

Rarely, a movie turns out to be better than its inspiring book, and 2 states accomplishes that.  Through the first 30 minutes of the movie many of us, who have done MBA from one of the top B schools, must have re -lived their life. Few through the fun and frolic of the two protagonists and majority through those unnoticeable characters who act as mere spectators to this fun, making comments as ‘Usmein Aisa Kya Hai jo Mujhe mein Nahi’.   I noticing such unnoticeables suggest which group I belonged to.  And to all those aspiring to do MBA from IIM Ahmedabad after watching the movie, Best of Luck!! Continue reading

Indian Platter : The God of Small Moments…

No brainer that I have copied the title from the book The God of Small Things authored by the inspirational Arundhati Roy.  But I cannot find a better way to pay tribute to the Women – Arundhati Roy as a symbol of women intelligence and title of her book as a tragic fact of women life.  

For Most of the History, Women was Anonymous. And to give that anonymous a few moments of respect we have a day of celebration – International Women’s Day. Cynical I may sound, but I think one day of celebration for the year long inequality and exploitation which the ‘fairer sex’ goes through is just a consolation prize so that she can be re-exploited in the remaining year. As a girl child she sacrificed for her brother, and as a wife and mother she sacrificed for her family. So ingrained is now that sense of sacrifice that surely she herself feels guilty if any moment passes by when she does not sacrifice for someone. And as a token of appreciation to encourage some more sacrifice from her we have Women’s day. But come tomorrow and the same men will again worship their Goddesses but will again fail to respect their women. Surely, the world needs to change for the all the mothers and the sisters and the daughters.  As Arundhati says (in some other context) in The God of Small Things “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing”. How good it would be if this changed world could be possible in the context of women too.  If The Goddess of the Moment can be treated as The Human for Ever.

But going by what Aamir Khan showed in kick off episode of Satyamev Jayate that seems a distant dream.  All credit to the team of Satyamev Jayate and Aamir to bring in front of us those facts of life which we all know to exist somewhere but we choose to ignore them as well.  And is there anything wrong with commercialization of such shows? No, if we can commercialize love (Valentine’s Day) and sacrifice (Women’s day) then what is wrong in commercializing Satya (Truth)!! And how about the timing of Satyamev Jayate. With elections round the corner the show will definitely give citizens and politicians more issues to ponder and debate.  Well Timed.

Talking about election how can I miss the trio – of NaMo, Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi. Trio is in definite mood to make the mango person (aam aadmi) believe that he is The God of the Moment. As an answer to Modi’s Chai pe charcha, Rahul Gandhi has asked his party men to reach out to the other sections of the labour class and make them aware about the intentions of Congress party for them. I am sure that his partymen are now wondering what to say!! Women Empowerment, RTI or Youth empowerment.  And so good to see the activist in Kejriwal back, even if his impulsive move to confront Narendra Modi was met with a denial as he did not take prior appointment from the likely future PM.

Am I biased towards Narendra Modi? I am not alone. Even market thinks so. The biggest reason for the recent gain in Sensex is assumed to be the increased chances of Modi becoming the PM.   Hopefully Modi fulfils all the promises which he is making to The God of the Moment.

And who is The God of the Moment in the Indian Cricket? It is undoubtedly Virat Kohli. Is there currently any better on side player than him!! He has that blend of Saaed Anwar’s grace and Vivian Richard’s power when it comes to the on side stroke making. But he also seems to have the ill fate that Sachin and Lara had in 1990’s.  A great player in an otherwise mediocre team.

And who is the perennial God of Indian Cinema? Of course Amitabh Bachchan. The septuagenarian continues to defy any set limit. In his upcoming movie Bhootnath Returns he has rapped with Honey Singh.  For Bhootnath Return, I am sure that it will not be 100 crore movie but I am equally sure it will be worth watching than many such 100 crore movies.

Lastly who is The God of Idea?? Answer yourself. Do not cheat, No Ullu Banawing 🙂 All I can say is there is a breed of people who makes us believe that even if you do not have much talent there is some magic which will give you the opportunities to survive. Abhishek Bachchan and Tushar Kapoor say thanks to The God of The World.

Kejriwal, Your India needs you!

We were getting use to this corruption, so much so that we thought it as a necessary evil. We resigned to the rottenness of the corrupt system.  And then Kejriwal along with Anna Hazare came as a fresh mint of air. Though their partnership was short –lived, it gave us a refreshing hope that the corruption can be arrested. The hope then transformed into the dream as Arvind Kejriwal, the activist transformed to Arvind Kejriwal, the politician, after assuming the post of CM.  And when the politician tasted the success – which to my mind was bit premature – the dreams began to take the shape of reality.  Everybody thought that Kejriwal would offer a corruption free society in Delhi.  Even Kejriwal thought so, and he tried his best. Yes, he played few dramas and did few U-turns but  the intent was always to give an honest governance to Delhi. Where he failed though, was when he adopted the route of an activist while playing a political leader.  Dharna and mass assembly as the tools so well suited him when he was an activist but not when he turned CM.  Also, as a CM he had a broader range of agenda to be met and no one would have questioned him if he would have missed on few of the promises made earlier. And so his resignation, after failing to get Lokpal bill passed, too seems pre- mature. And Kejriwal will fail India more if he does not continue to work for his values which have made us optimist. At this stage when those fledgling dreams of corruption free India stand shaken yet again, India wants him more badly. He was the one who woke India from the slumber. And now he has to show her the way. India is looking up to you Mr. Kejriwal, with a hope that you will rise again like a phoenix. It is up to you to serve it, in any form – as an activist, as a politician or as category of your own.  India won’t mind any, till the time you are able to instil that hope that ‘Good times will come’. Kejriwal, Your India needs you.

Indian Platter – The Big Boss

Principle 1: Being the boss anywhere is lonely.  –Robert Frost

Principle 2: They will pity you, then they will laugh at you and then they will vent out anger.  Enlightened Sid 🙂 🙂 🙂

Who better than our PM exemplifies both the principles!! From being hailed as a brilliant economist to being derided as Manmohan Singha weak PM, the supposed Big Boss has seen and felt the transition, equianimously, silently and lonely.  What has his equanimity and silence led to? Another transition. Public sympathy transited to public rage.  And finally he has broken the silence. But the break, though welcome, was a disappointment.  In his biennial press conference (Yes it is only the second time he has hold the conference in his second term) when he was expected to focus on the development and corruption issues he talked more about his own self.  The talk – in which he said he still is the same man he was nine years ago & that history would be more kind to him & that Modi will be disaster as PM – seemed like a final cry for vindication from the Boss who has been a mute spectator to the tandaav of his government.  The boss has indicated the aversion to the post of PM after the election.  And his aversion will bring an end to a surely disastrous stint of a Big Boss. Continue reading