Brilliant Words You Didn’t Know You Needed

Wow!! There are words for these everyday occurrences too!!

Nicholas C. Rossis

From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books Photo: Daniel Dalton / BuzzFeed / / Via

Continuing on the subject of words, you may have heard me say now and again how I marvel at the beauty and flexibility of the English language.

So why aren’t these beauties found on BuzzFeed part of our everyday conversations already?

(n) Someone who repeatedly makes mistakes, or is always wrong

(n) A condition where a passenger falls asleep as soon as the car starts moving

(n) The anticipation felt when waiting for a response to a text

(n) The feeling of euphoria experienced when climbing into bed at the end of a very long day

(n) A completely worthless conversation

(n) When by the time you have reached your destination, you have forgotten why you were going there in the first place

(n) An individual so caught up on their cell phone that…

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A Page From Experience – 5 things to Remember while Setting Goals

What to keep in mind while setting goals? How to execute the plan?

Enlightened Sid


During my engineering days, I once had an opportunity to attend a motivational seminar on the “Importance of Goals”.  By the end of the seminar I started to believe that I amthe master of my fate.  That night, I promised to start a journey, a journey to carve out my own fate.  Next day, with all the positivity I was set to start the journey.

Soon I realized that I had a very vague idea of my goal, unlike to what the speaker in the seminar has suggested.  Though, I realized that engineering was not to my liking, I was unsure about my PG. The only thing which I knew was that I had to improve on my English.

A long passage of time has passed since then; I have done my MBA and I have achieved few significant possessions – the blessings and the love of people. But…

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The Flight Worms

While travelling, I always find at least one person – a mobile worm- inside the plane who keeps on talking over the cell phone even after the verbal instructions to switch off the phone are issued. And when the flight staff request the person to stop talking and to switch off the phone, the brave person stares back, as if what kind of cowardly request has been made. Amidst the stern look of the fellow passengers he finally switches off and shows as if his 100 crore deal has been scrapped due to the cowardice of the passengers. Then I also, almost always find that one person, who as soon as the seat belt signal is set off, stands up and rushes to the toilet.

Then there are few landing worms. These people refuse to straighten their seats even after the landing announcement is made. They belong to the breed to which the mobile worms belong. They wait for the staff to make a request. Perhaps plane is the only place where such people are able to attract some importance, and so they do not miss on the opportunity. And yes, the most interesting set is the last set of people, who switch on their mobile the moment the flight touches the land and shouts loudly “Meri flight airport touch kar li hai, tu pahuch gaya naa lene”. We have so many Ambanis and Birlas and Tatas in

6 Lessons to be learnt from MS Dhoni

There are only a few handful of topics and subjects on which people across India (or shall I say across the world) are unanimous. MS Dhoni and his qualities, or lack of qualities, is one such topic.  We in India are never bored of counting Dhoni’s good habits when the team is doing well and we are neither short on counting his bad habits when the team is not doing well.

For now, the media and the fans have shifted the focus from his show of favouritism in team selection to his cool as a cucumber attitude.  And for now, I too am counting his good habits (apart from his equanimous demeanour) and trying to learn few lessons.   Here are few lessons I can think of;

1) Do not be afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; Be afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion:   That is what Alexander the Great said.  That is what Imran Khan showed in WC of 1992 and that is what Dhoni is showing now. Indian team is definitely not an army of sheep but on their own they neither are the world beaters. And if we are hoping them to win the World Cup, the credit of arousing that hope should go to the captain.


2) Take the battle to a point where they are as worried as you: That is what Dhoni said when asked about how he keeps his calm in a pressure situation, especially while chasing the targets.


When the battle comes to that neck and neck point Dhoni is always ready for a man to man fight.  That is perhaps the reason of India winning a majority of the close-fought ODI’s and T20s under his captaincy.

3) People will do what they are good at, and you should do what you are good at:


Fans, Critics, Media, Former Players, they all do their job and so does Dhoni. So many things had been written and had been said about Dhoni, but rarely had he responded to any accusation or praise. From being hailed as a champion captain who has won all the major championships in the ODI and the T20 cricket to being condemned as a staid captain in the Test cricket, Dhoni has seen his share of highs and lows. But the noticeable thing is his nonchalance towards any sought of comment.

4) In the moment of glory, allow others to lead: This is the best part about Dhoni.  Look at the pictures of 2011 WC celebration and figure out how low profile Dhoni is when it comes to glorification.

ICC-2011-Cricket-World-Cup-India-Won 114 13kirstenpresident_pra_520089f

I feel that only those leaders who have supreme confidence in their ability and have reached the realm of self-actualization in the Maslow’s hierarchy can be as generous to keep a low profile in the time of glory.  (Read habits of self actualised individuals

5) Showing Favouritism pays off sometime:


Dhoni has many times shown that Favouritism, if founded on a solid belief can be a winning strategy. The problem is that the belief takes some time to materialise into a performance, and very few leaders have the patience to live through that gestation period. Each of us ridiculed Ravindra Jadeja in his initial days and now he is indispensable to the team. Jadeja is just one of the many favouritism cases of Dhoni, the cases which mostly paid off. Do you remember how critics and the fans (including me) and the media all raised the question on the exclusion of Yuvraj Singh from the WC squad? Dhoni once again proved himself right, thus, throwing the debate of Yuvraj Singh in to oblivion.

6) Out of Grace and Grit, Grit is more important: If it comes down to choose one batsman who can win the match from a tight situation for your country, who will you choose?  A Graceful batsman or the Gritty MS Dhoni.  MS Dhoni certainly does not have the silken touch to his batting but he has loads of grit. And with his grit alone he has won so many matches for his teams and with certainty it can be said that in the shorter version of the game he is one of the most valuable batsman.

To conclude, there are few things which make Dhoni an average cricketer or a captain but there are far greater things which make him a legend. I reiterate what I have said in one of my previous blogs; that by the time Dhoni retires he will be next only to Sachin Tendulkar in the list of legends of Indian Cricket.  And if he wins this WC for India, than I, an ardent Sachin Tendulkar fan, will rank him equal to Sachin. (

A Page from Experience – Lessons that I learnt from Kids


I just had an opportunity to be a spectator on the annual sports day of my 4 year old daughter.   Sports day of 4 year old ones!! That sounds amazing, in fact jocular.   When I heard that my daughter’s school is organizing sports day for the kids of preparatory group, I had my reservations about it.  Today’s competitive world has made me paranoid.  Thankfully, I shed my paranoia. I sent my kid to participate in the sports day and also visited school to be a spectator.

What I discovered during those two hours was refreshing.  In their innocent style, kids unintentionally reminded me those lessons which I know to be true but I have comfortably pushed them to oblivion.  And here I am reiterating what they reminded me.

Life is a Race, Really??

So, the kids took their positions, ready at the starting line. They had to crawl to the finish lines.  The whistle blew, and a chaotic race began.  Few kids gawked innocently at the cheering spectators. They were perhaps astonished at what the noise was about.  For them it was just a play not a race.  There was one kid who was well on the way to win the race but suddenly he found some trinket on the floor.  There he stopped, picked up the trinket and started investigating it with his questioning eyes.  The race was over but that kid had earned a possession which perhaps was more valuable to him than any medal. The kid had a glimmer of delight in the eyes.          download

Life is a process to the finish line. Being a winner is not a necessary condition to be happy.  In fact neither is it a sufficient condition.  The track to finish line has many trinkets on the way.  Somehow in the quest to finish quickly, knowingly and unknowingly we have left behind innumerable trinkets.  The finish line is uncertain and the only certainty is the experience to the finish line.  Life is a process to be enjoyed; a 4 year old reiterated this lesson.

We are naturally selfless:

The second race began.  And it was a race in which kids had to pick up 4 conical shaped objects, one inside the other, kept on the track to the finish line.  The whistle blew and in a merriment kids picked up the first cone and the second but then one kid lost the grip and all his cones fell.   And what did the other kid running by the side of this unfortunate kid do!! Right, he stopped and offered his help.  The scene of two little ones cooperating, reminded me that that by nature God has made us selfless.  In fact the survival and then the prosperity of the civilization can be attributed to few selfless souls.     selfless

Under the hangover of heavy words like goals and success and failures, somewhere each of us has confined our naturally selfless soul to an abyss.  It is perhaps the time to rediscover and rejuvenate that soul and to find time to be selfless. It is the time to make that iota of a difference to the others’ life.

Live the Moment:

And then the race in which my daughter was participating took place. I, by this time was overwhelmed.  My child had performed in a group dance before the race.  Though the performance was over, she was still rehearsing her steps. She kept on dancing, even at the starting line, as her teachers in vain tried to stop her act. Her facial expressions were free of any negative energy. She was living the moment, dancing willfully, ignoring the occasion and the spectators and the teachers.  There were other kids too who were living the moment in their own way.  As the whistle blew all of them merrily made their way to the finish line. But the rewards of the life were bestowed on the few, long before the finish line, isn’t it?

images (1)

Our insatiable desire to win has left very little scope to live the moment. The ghost of the past and the apprehension of the future has made our heart lifeless, if not dead.  We all are waiting for that Sunday, without realising that everyday can be made a Sunday.

Trust your memory, more than the camera:

As my child was dancing with her group, I took out my camera to record her performance.  During the entire performance, I kept on searching for that elusive angle and position to record her performance.  My entire focus was zoomed on my daughter and her performance. And what a mistake it was. As the performance got over my wife told me that how the kids as a group were trying to bring organization in their random steps, she told me about one or two extraordinary performers and few adorably mischievous kids.  Well, I missed it!! I trusted my camera more than the memory.  My camera had handicapped me to an extent that I cannot learn the lesson which the kids would have conveyed through their performance.

Or, I have actually!! For the rest of the ceremony, I kept my camera aside; I trusted my eyes and memory.  I lived the moment and I am re- living it again through this piece of writing and will re- live it every time I read it.

A Page from Experience: My Reading Habits

I belong to the generation when extra -curricular activities meant cricket, comics, ludo, hide and seek and some more cricket.  The hobby classes were not in vogue and the parents were too busy in their daily humdrums to encourage their children to explore hobbies.  My reading habit, like so many kids of my age, was limited to comics and sports page of the newspapers.    images

But when I started to prepare for MBA, I was made to realise that English is the most critical aspect if I have to crack CAT – the entrance exam for MBA courses.  So out of compulsion I started reading.  I remember when I was a beginner I was more interested in the storyline of the book.  I use to read the back cover of the books to decide its worthiness. More sensational the words were on the back cover; higher were the chances of me picking the book.  The first few stepping stones of my hobby were laid by the books of Sidney Sheldon and Harold Robbins.  The present day beginners can have one more name in the list, Chetan Bhagat.  Such books or the writers have a special place in the library because they provide the entry level read for so many novices.

The next phase of evolution was marked by desire of knowledge accumulation.  I read very few fictions during this period and focussed more on management, philosophy, history and biographical books.  In fact, I had this feeling in mind that reading fiction was a waste of time.  Clearly, I had no favourites during this phase.

During and after my MBA I met many people who changed my perception about fictional books and helped me cultivate my reading habits.  The opportunity to explore various authors at Crossword stores also helped.   I never realized when I started to read a book for language and not for stories.  I would pick up a book, randomly open a page and if I like the language and the delivery I would buy the book.  I stopped reading back covers.  And I had a list of favourites too.  So much so, that now, I have become bit rigid and choosy.   All I do now is read the books of the authors I love.  And any new author would have to either qualify my random page test or be referred by someone whom I trust in picking books, and then only he/she will find a place in my library.

As always the current form of evolution in my habit seems to me like the final and the most civilized but I will not be surprised if I am proved wrong yet again.

IIFT CALL GETTERS: A Guide to fill the form.

Those who have cleared the first round of IIFT are now left with another ardent task.  A mammoth form awaits them.   And here I am with my list of suggestions which you can keep in mind while filling the form.


  • This form is purposefully given so that the interviewers can know about you. Fill up the form keeping in mind the fact that they will question you on the basis of this form.
  • Filling up this form would require serious introspection. Actually this serious introspection will also prepare you for many interviews which you will be facing ahead.
  • To begin with, I suggest you to write your biographical sketch. Write whatever you have done in past 6-7 years with the logic behind each decision you took.  Recall every good and bad moment and narrate it with the learning.  Elaborate for yourself.
  • Be honest. That is the best policy. The people perusing your form are veterans and they will easily find a cooked story.
  • We all have stories; it is just that we have never tried to relate them to find something about ourselves. Now you have to do it. If not for IIFT then you would have to do it for some other college (Wait there are quite a few mammoth forms which await you)

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